Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Secret Life of Money


62 Pennies
1 Nickel
17 Dimes
5 Quarters


All found (with the help of a few screwdrivers) in the door panel of my car.... between the plastic and the door.

Where's your money hiding?

Money People


  1. You know what I collect differently bills and Coins from differently world's country!!!

    All my money I put in my "Tam Tam"! It's African's drum! :)

    Very cute pictures with your cents!

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  3. LOL Who would have thought money would be hiding IN the door?? Jeeze! I doubt there would be any money in my car doors though...I don't keep much of anything in my car and change usually chills in my purse. The furthest it gets is to the floor, and if it's discovered it goes right back in my purse again, haha.

  4. haha I know, what a tricky spot! I have a compartment in the side to put things, and every once and a while I'll toss change in there. When I go to get it out I always seem to lose some of it in this itty bitty crack. Well, i started to hear the change in the door because there was so much! ... so I got it out ;-)

  5. Pennies follow me.

    I'm serious.

    I have to pick up every one I see.

  6. I always find coins in the bottom of my purse. I actually started investing gold coins after gold prices dropped. Their value is now through the roof! :)

  7. if you have a washer/drier, you would be surprised how much change usually ends up in them. My dad fixes appliances for a living, and often comes back with a handful of mangled change.

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