Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shock and Awe

Holy Cow

Holy Cow.

I was listed as one of Blogger's "Blogs of Note."

There was a 381.90% increase in traffic yesterday and I got one months worth of comments, in one day. I'm still trying to make sense of it all.

I am so honored and thankful to be a Blog of Note. Every time I log into Blogger, I check out the Blogs of Note - wishing I was one of them. Now I am.

I'm starting to feel the pressure a bit. My brain keeps telling me that my next few posts must be amazing to keep these people coming back... but reality tells me to just keep doing what I'm doing. So I think that is what I'm gong to do!

SO, if you are here visiting via Blogs of Note, please have a look around. There are a couple tabs at the top that may help you search around a bit easier. And when you're done. Please click on a fellow blogger in the side bar and visit them!

No cows were harmed in the shooting of this photo.


  1. Congrats! I will be looking now ;)

    I love the picture of the cow

  2. congrats! sorry i forgot to congratulated you i missed probably

  3. very clever blogging - enjoyed reading it from blogs of note and will be following your humor, wit and words.

  4. I am following you since I saw you on Blogs of Note. Interesting stuff! :)

  5. How the heck did you get on THERE?!?!? Will I ever get on there too? hehe THX for telling them to visit people on your blogroll(s)!! you have SO many on there though...just like me, that's why I can't list them all :P

    my word verification is: tylog

    THANK-YOU LOG huh?!?! lol

  6. congrats erika! i knew something was up because i could see lots of people arriving at my blog from your blog so i was like "why the sudden influx?". you are awesome!! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

  7. Hi!
    I found you through Blogs Of Note and I really like your site - and especially your cow!
    I can't figure out how to follow you though - is there no "follow" on your page or am I just being a bit dim (highly likely - I've not been Blogspotting for long!)?
    Anyway great blog - well done!

  8. That's how I found you and glad I did! No pressure I like your blog already! Congrats on Blogs of note!

  9. Super congrats to you! I do enjoy your blog :) Aaaand...I REMEMBER when you 'shot' that cow, haha! They were fun and the lighting was great for those photos. Love it!

  10. Hi, well done on being famous!

    Thanks for your compliments on my last blog post too! :)

    In answer to your q about Christchurch, in the city there is not too much adventurous to do, but if your sister is into tramping(hiking), mountain biking or rock climbing the Port Hills which are on the edge of town would be the place for her to go. There is also an indoor climbing wall called The Roxx that we have been to a few times when we've been visiting the city. Depends if she is going to be in town with anyone else for that though.
    Totally crazy if she doesn't do at least a couple of geocaches!! I would not miss the chance if I got to go to a whole new country!! There are some great ones up on the Port Hills too.


  11. It's a pleasure to read your blog, you make it interesting...^-^

    I am your follower now.


  12. Greetings Erika Jean!

    I found your blog by checking the aforementioned 'blogs of note' and love your little space on the web. I particulary enjoyed the "Self Titled Nonsense Blog" description; I see lots of blogs with 1 theme and 1 subject, and it's nice to see a fellow blogger sharing about all the random things in her life, or things she enjoys--and it's still a great blog!

    Keep it up! {no pressure} :)


  13. That's what I call the "unique polka-dotted cow"! Quite an eye-catcher.

    Congratulations! You made it and you deserve it.

  14. Congrats, I like the postcard designs:)

  15. Aloha!!!Erka!!! I wnt to congratulated with it!!! But how can to be in this list "Blog of Note"???

  16. Member of your "Fan Club".



  17. Congrats on being a Blog of Note! How cool!!

    - Your new fan :)

  18. I came here via Blogs of Note and will now be checking you out....cool, yes, I agree! Congrats!
    I am not a blogger but I read them :)
    My jewelry was featured in http://blog.cjanerun.com/ two days ago and I am very familiar with that excited "wow, look how many people are visiting my site" feeling!
    Enjoy the after glow :)

  19. Daisy Moo loves the photo featured in this post - I wonder why......

    Congrats on making it on the BON

  20. there's reason why u become BON and it's simply because u posted great blogs.. I wonder how u can get the inspiration for the pictures?

  21. Congrats! Awesome achievement....

  22. This cow is awesome! Congrats!

  23. Since I was a young child, maybe 1 or 2 years I would dream in-between and during nap times that I would someday be the author of a blog of note . . . . I hope you are enjoying living my dream!!!! Cool cow.

  24. Congrats!! That's how I got here and you've got a lovely blog!


  25. Congrats... but I'm curious.

    You are a Blogger Blog of Note...

    But you have your own domain with a Wordpress theme?

    OK, fess up and let us all know how to do this and get some looks. ;)

  26. I've often wondered the same thing as P.J. about your "theme." I hate how pictures look on my layout, but don't want to lose anything by changing it.

    Look at you with the blogging rock star status and everything! (Some of us knew you were a hit back in the day, LOL).

  27. I am a neophyte blogger who also found you through Blogs of Note. Congrats! The grass couple is charming.


  28. Hey, I do have a blog now, I just started a few months ago. How in the world did you find it? I'll have to read some of yours when I'm not so consumed with end of semester projects!