Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Leg!

I've been at it again.

Over the past month, here and there, I've been working on Thanksgiving postcards. If you've been visiting this blog regularly, you know I've been making fabric postcards for the holidays. If not, well... now you know.

I've been making less and less each time - but I'm still making them. Christmas will probably be my last homemade card ;-) I think I have finally perfected the process though. If only I could sew a little better - It just isn't one of my talents. I think I called my mom 20 times last week trying to figure out how to fill and put back the bobbin :-/

Anyway. I wanted to share my Thanksgiving postcard here, because there is no way I can send everyone I know one. Consider this your virtual Thanksgiving card from me!


Gobble Gobble.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Cute card.


  2. Wow that is really good. I wish i knew how to sew...a lot of work though. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I like, when people use handmade! I like too, to make something, sometimes! Now, I am busy on my project for Thanksgiving day! If it will be interesting for you, I will give you my link ( when I finish it)!

  4. That is awesome - I am now going to go see if you have some others posted. :)

  5. This is too cute. I am learning to sew so maybe someday i will do something like this.

  6. Awesome looking postcard! Very well done!!

  7. this is awesome! what a great idea. happy thanksgiving to you too! besos-jane

  8. Oh my Goodness! That is the cutestest thing! Did you design it yourself? I am going to have to show this to Noah..err... I mean Webster!
    Oh and I ordered my garmin gps! I am so excited!! I can't wait til it gets here!