Saturday, December 26, 2009



Holy Cow! I have more the 300 caches now.

I hiked Brown Mountain in Tucson Mountain Park Saturday for my #300 and then some.

If you have Google Earth you should be able download my hike by clicking the small blue box below.

It only takes a couple seconds to download - and is pretty neat! If this works, I may consider using this in future blog posts!
Click here to download Google Earth.


2.16 miles total!

(click to enlarge)

I'm exhausted!


  1. Ericka,

    I'm proud of you for hitting your goal. I am envious of you for the great hike.

    In fact I think I will through in the postcards with Trips if he sends his when he gets back.

  2. Ka pai!! (Well done!!) That is a good wee hike. Thanks for adding the kml file. It worked brilliantly on GE - that terrain is SO different than mine.


  3. Good job Erika!! Who knew you'd find so many in just a year.

  4. Excellent job! Always nice to hit the milestones! Now here's to the next 300!

  5. Congrats on #300!

    I just hit 100 last fall, and now in the grips of a Minnesota Winter, it'll be Park-and-grabs at the very most here for a while!

    Father-of-five on GeoCaching

  6. Congrats on 300! I hope the next 300 and each one beyond are as much fun.

  7. Wow! 300?!? Congrats...and such a beautiful location!

  8. Very belated congrats on your milestone :) I LOVE the way you can record your hike and I can download the file and see where you went - that is awesomesauce. I vaguely know how to record a track on my GPS, but beyond that I'm clueless - no idea how to get it into Google Earth like that. If you could give me some clues as to how you did it, I would be very very grateful.