Saturday, December 19, 2009

Catalina State Park Geocaching

We (My mom, her husband and I) went out to Catalina State Park today. It was a beautiful 70*F/21*C and the sun was shining brightly. I even put on a little sunscreen just in case.

The first cache we visited, I had already been to. They quickly made the find and signed the log.


Since we were in the park, we went ahead and did the cache I had planned for 300. I decided not to put it off becuase I had people with me - and company on a "long" hike is always nice ;-) The hike was 1.3miles each way. I know that's not long to some, but to me it is! Most of it was uphill, but at least we had a maintained trail to follow.


The cache was 100 or so feet of the trail, but fairly easy to find. The hike was long and exhausting, but the view was absolutely worth it!

So, the cache ended up being # 294 and I dropped off a different TB than planned too. I should really just stop planning al together. It never works out how I think it will, but it does work out.


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  1. That looks like a great hike. Very beautiful scenery! You are almost to 300! How awesome.

  2. It was number 394 or 294? :)

    I like the views... way too cool. And I like the long hikes, as long as there's an ammo can or something big to find at the end!