Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas House

If there is one thing I miss about Christmas in Cincinnati (besides family and friends), it's the Christmas house in Terwilligers. Whether it was the neighbors complaining, they wanted to make money, or they really did just want to expand - the Christmas house has since "moved" and transformed into the Christmas Ranch.

Here's how the house looked for Christmas in 2004.


The house was on a private street down a steep hill. Because of its location and massive amounts of people, you had to park a good distance away and walk there. There was even more than what's in the picture!

It was always fun to go with friends and stare at the lights with amazement! I miss it!

If you're from Cincinnati, Have you ever been to the Christmas House? The Ranch?

If you're not from Cinci, do you have a house like this around your town?


  1. ohhhh!!! I have never been there but I think I am going to take Jakey there tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. It sort of takes the fun out of seeing lights when you have to pay to look. But I've never been there, so maybe I'll change my opinion someday. :)

    There are a few houses where I live that look similar to this one, and one has the leg lamp in their living room window.

  3. We have one here that looks almost this lit up - actually we haven't been to see it this year yet. Maybe tonight! Will try and get a pic if we do.


  4. That's awesome - Clark Griswold - eat your heart out!

  5. there's a family named terwilliger @ my church! is that the name of that family with the lights or the neighborhood? i cant really tell the way you wrote it. weird name and not too common. pretty display for sure! my fav is when the people make the lights go with music.

    and i looked up tubachristmases and arizona; there are five!

  6. I never not see, so beautiful and coolest house on Christmas!!!! It's remember me the film with Grinch!!! :)

  7. we had. not sure it's still there. it's called the "Ho Ho House" haha