Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Closing in on 300 finds.


I got 4 caches today. That puts me at 299. One away from 300!! I hope to find one with a decent hike to do tomorrow.

out caching... out caching...
out caching... out caching...

All of the ones I grabbed to day involved a mini hike. Short and sweet.

out caching...

I was disappointed to find a full lighter in one of the caches though.... Not exactly kid friendly. Maybe it was meant to go with the firecrackers I found a few weeks ago :-/

out caching... 47038508

I removed the lighter, but this is not the kind of swag I want people!!


  1. Awesome photos - I really like the perspective on the first one.
    You could always try to make it to this Mega-event: GC1YJ5R???


  2. Soon 300!!! Yah for you:) I to am disappointed with the firecrackers and lighter. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking.

  3. Hi dear Erika!!! This first picture looks so professionaly, how you maked it?
    In this day I want to say- Happy Christmas to you and to all who reads this wonderfull blog! :)

  4. Merry Christmas and go go go to 300! Fantastic to set a goal and achieve it! Enjoy your blog so much....

  5. It will be nice when you get that 300th find... the buildup is awesome! :) The monkey TB going in there? :)

    Merry Christmas!

  6. You always take such beautiful photographs!