Monday, December 7, 2009

Geocaching Recently

I just wanted to share some recent geocaching pictures.

I did some caches near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base here in Tucson. I saw about 6 or so of these guys fly over and away...

Does anyone know what kind of plane this is? I don't know much about planes...

Sticking with the Air Force theme, I also got a virtual at the Pima Air and Space Museum. I think it's definitely a place I want to come back and check out when I have some time!


I then went on and grabbed a couple more caches. Can you see the cache in this picture? Pure awesomeness and well executed.


One of the caches I picked up was near the Port of Tucson. The driveway/road was lined with old train tracks. I don't know why, but I found it interesting.


What a clever way to reuse something old!

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  1. Great photos! I have no idea about the aeroplane, but man that sky is amazingly blue!!!


  2. The plane is an A-10 Warthog. It is an anti-tank aircraft. Now that you think I am smart I must give credit to my husband on that. He used to be in the army. He knew what it was as soon as I asked him. It looks like you had a fun day of caching.

  3. Hey Erika, the aircraft in that photo is an A-10 Thunderbolt II. It is also known as the A-10 Warthog. The pilot is protected by a titanium "bathtub" armor surrounding the cockpit, making it ideal for close air support. It is used alot in Iraq and Afganistan. Great pics btw

  4. A-10 Thunderbolt, aka the Warthog. I'm a little familiar with them (here). Wikipedia has a good round up of them. In a sentence, they are flown by the air force, slow and low, and are fed a diet of tanks and armor.

    If you're going to be back at Pima, be sure to say hello to the SR-71 there, because it's a very special one. It's actually an MD-21, with it's spy drone on the ground next to it. The airplane would fly with the drone on top of it, get up to speed and altitude, and then the drone would take off by itself. It's about one of the craziest things I have ever seen, and there's one just sitting there at Pima.

  5. I can't see the cache, is it one of those sticks?

  6. Good place for Geocaching!!! Erika!In my country we have Geocaching or not???

  7. Thanks everyone for the info!!

    Art, I will have to see if I can check out the SR-17 ;-) looks awesome.

  8. If that geocache is an ammo can covered with rocks that IS amazing!

  9. Pre-geocaching, visited that same AFB outside of Tucson during an air show and your A-10 tank killer participated in a simulated attack, including offloading flares which is a defensive countermeasure. It is an impressive air frame and one that has stayed in service long enough to be very valued to coalition forces in both Iraq wars. Cache on and nice blog!

    Team Geo-Rangers
    "It's All Good!"