Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Public Mode of Transportation

Because I've been lacking in the car department, I have resorted to walking, biking and even... the bus! Besides grabbing the shuttle on campus in the winter at UC, and taking the Metro bus from the suburbs to the city for football games a few times- I've never really had to ride the bus.

Technically, this is more of a community shuttle than a bus ;-) I have taken it a few times to go steal my moms car from the parking lot where she parks for work. As you can see... it's not very crowded. Nice to know it's there though, you know... in case you ever wreck your car or something ;-)

Bus Ride

Do you ride the bus? Have you ever been on a bus?


  1. In every -every day!!! Really, in our family nobody don't have car! I like very much to ride on trolleybus! You know what it is??? I heard what in America, trolleybus have only San Francisko!

  2. Before moving to Germany I never rode the bus now living without a car I take the bus and tram or my bike everyday and I like it great people waiting time! But I miss my car, it's been nice being back in states for xmas except my road rage has come back! Happy New Year!

  3. I used to ride a bus when I lived across town. Then I bought a bike and did it like that for a year or so. When Johnny arrived on scene I would ride to get him then we would get on the bus to ride home. He loved it.

    We have since moved to within 1/2 mile from our school/work. Now we walk.

  4. I ride the bus on campus 'cause many times I don't feel like walking to class. I'm so lazy! haha.

  5. Yep - lots of bus experiences. During high school I got the bus every day from our rural area in to town to school (and home again!)
    At university, where most of us lived was close enough to walk, but if we went into the city centre or the mall it was usually by bus.

    And when I first started working I cycled everywhere. (I was much fitter back then!!!LOL)


  6. omg! your bus has stripper poles too?

  7. Oh my goodness! Fond memories of riding the bus... yes, yes indeed! Okay... maybe NOT!
    Oh the nai-evity of my younger years or maybe I should say the neccessity of it!
    I was at my mothers house in Idaho and needed to travel to my brothers in Washington state, and waa-laa... Grey Hound to the rescue! Now i don't know why I chose to ride over night, it was a 12 hour trip and maybe I thought (naively) that I could just go to sleep and magically wake up and be there... well that didn't happen.
    I met quite a few interesting people on that night time trip there. Grizzly Adams who wore a real bear claw necklace and then the exchange student who kissed me... for no apparent reason... I should have slapped him but I was to shocked to do anything and besides that was right before I was to disembark the bus and just wanted out of there, and the guy who I thought was a convicted felon escaping the law by riding his bike all through the deserts of Utah... and then there was the fact that if you wanted to go to the bathroom you were to take your valueables with you or so I was told... I actually think I was audibly sloshing by time I walked off that bus Ü
    The funny part is that you actually establish relationships with people by living through experiences like that... I would never want to do that again, I don't think at my age that my bladder could take it, but I am glad that I did it then... it was fun! Ü

  8. omg I loved hearing everyone's bus stories! ;-)