Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Sunday!

No Postcrossing this Sunday.


Because it is absolutely FREEZING and I'm not about to get out from under these blankets to scan some more postcards!

Instead I'll bore you with my randomness. You're welcome.

I'm still trying to figure out how to take the perfect Christmas light picture. Color, focus and exposure wise, I'm good - but none of my pictures turn out awesome. I tend to like them in black and white better too. Especially when there is this much going on in one front yard.

Not Our Lights
What ever happened to "less is more?"

I tried some indoor Christmas shots too. I haven't done a self portrait in a while, so I decided to throw my head in there with the lights ;-)

Tagled Up
Not my most attractive facial expressions, but I liked all the shadows.

Speaking of shadows... I think a ghost was lurking around trying to steal my camera last night!

ghostly shadows

And look what I've been waking up to.... FROST



I bet most of you think I'm crazy - complaining about frost and all... you probably have actual snow and ice. I do feel bad for you... but remember, It does get cold here in Arizona. I think I wore my winter coat once last year... ;-)


  1. It's that cold in Arizona yikes! Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend! Great pictures!

  2. We went caching yesterday in snow and 25-degree weather. It was sunny though, so it felt like a balmy 25.

  3. Love the pics! Here is Kansas there is still snow on the ground from this past Tuesday/Wednesday snow storm- 12+ inches. And this morning there was a huge frost on the trees and bushes and on top of the snow. Then fogged rolled in and visibility is maybe 2 miles at best. It is definitely a time to stay warm.

  4. LOL!!! Well, I for one am suprised that you get frost in Arizona.

    The current temperature here in my office is 14 degrees celsius which is somewhere about 58 Fahrenheit. But I still feel cold 'cause it's grey and rainy outside when it's supposed to be summer NOW!!


  5. Yes, it's cold here in Arizona........
    where we'll say until spring (windy and rain for now).

    However our Washington State weather is much colder so I won't do much complaining! LOL

  6. the last time I was in arizona,i was coming back from Monument Valley and terrifically shocked to see SNOW! and ICE! the road back to phoenix was horrendous! I think I had white knuckles until the outside temperature was close to 40 degrees and I was confident there wouldn't be anymore ice.
    Great self portrait with the lights, btw!!!!