Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book Review

Holy cow I haven't read a book since AUGUST. Something must be wrong with me! Getting back to it though. Here is a "review" of the book I just finished. For more book reviews, follow the link at the top. Warning - I read for pleasure and entertainment. I do not claim to read thought provoking hard hitting intellectual books ;-) <--aaaand I wrote that before finishing this book! ha.

Title: As Simple As Snow
By: Gregory Galloway
Pages: 320

Book Description:
A mesmerizing labyrinth of art, magic, cryptic codes, and young love that sparks the imagination and teases the mind-an arresting first novel about a young man's quest to unravel the puzzle his missing girlfriend may (or may not) have left behind.

Anastasia (Anna) Cayne is a complicated high school girl with a penchant for riddles and affectionate mind games, who spends much of her time writing obituaries for every living person in town. She is unlike anyone the narrator has ever known, and her energy and enthusiasm explode his quiet universe, revealing a world of Houdini tricks, strange art, covert messages, and ghost stories-although her past remains an even bigger enigma. Even so, he couldn't be happier.

But a week before Valentine's Day, Anna disappears, leaving behind nothing except a dress placed neatly near a hole in the frozen river, and a string of unanswered questions.

Determined to find Anna-to comprehend what happened, and why-he begins to retrace their past five months together. Soon the fragments of events, conversations, and letters (and new messages that continue to arrive) coalesce into haunting and surprising revelations about friends, about family, and especially, about Anna Cayne. And perhaps these revelations will solve the puzzle of Anna's disappearance, whether it was her own invention, or is simply another of life's great mysteries.

My Thoughts: Can I just say... WHAT THE FUCK!? Okay, the book was decent but there was no good resolution in the end. You are left with many unanswered questions. A lot of this book has to do with Anna giving cutesy little letters and clues to her boyfriend (the narrator) to figure out... blah blah blah.

Well... at the end of this book there is page that makes no sense and a website. Apparently there are clues throughout the book that you have to pay attention to and put together. Well guess what? I JUST WANTED TO READ A GOOD BOOK. I don't WANT to have to do extra shit to find out what the F* happened. What a waste of my F*ing time. There should have been a disclaimer. In my case it could have read "lazy ass people who want to know what happens in the end - don't bother!"

Since I'm assuming no one will read this book, and this really won't mean anything unless you've read it.... I think the creepy art teacher killed Anna and hid her body in that ugly ass art sculpture.



Sorry about all the FUCKING cussing. Love you mom.


  1. Yeah, ok.

    Now get yourself to the library and find a good read! Weather is perfect for it.

    Log into the library online and look at a book or author you've really enjoyed, then look at the recommendations. Just an idea.

  2. This is the best book review I have ever read!

  3. What I wish people would write more often - a REAL book review!! LOL

    (Note to self.... do not put this book on 'Books to Read List"...... )


  4. LOL! Don't ya just hate getting to the end of a book (or movie, or TV show...) and think: Damn! I'll never get that time back again!! Thanks for the warning on this one!

  5. LOL Oh my gosh...now I WANT to read it to see what the heck this is all about :D I've definitely been there though...read through a book and then you're like "Say what?? No ending??" It's not fair. I got Host by Stephanie Meyer for Christmas and I need to dig into that soon!

  6. OMG that is the funniest and most honest book review I have ever read...as soon as I saw WTF I knew...thank you for a chuckle and a smile...fabulous!


  8. Very creative. Love your photos. The rain on the window is pure art.