Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chili Festival

Chili mugI ventured downtown for the Sonoran Glass Art Academy's Chili Festival today. It was a small scale festival, as their facilities were not that big. It was 15$ to get the door... but you got this cute little cup and all the chili you could eat. However, an hour or so into it, I heard they were running out of chili! It was advertised on the news, so one would expect them to be prepared for a crowd.... Lack of chili didn't worry me though, it was too spicy... and well, I prefer my chili on noodles!

I really wanted to blow some glass, so I forked over the money and blew a glass chili. I was kind of disappointed though because I didn't get to "do" much. I couldn't even turn the stick by myself. I could understand if a kid was doing it, but sheesh. I did get to do the blowing part, and help bump up the shape of the chili a little. I'll be able to pick it up Monday - right now its cooling in a 900 degree oven ;-) (See finished Product HERE)

Glass Festival9/365

I also made another little chili. This one required some scoring and breaking glass. It was way more hands on. If I would have done this first - I don't think I would have paid to do the other thing. They advertised it as a "Make and Take" chili... but in all reality - you can't do the take part until Monday!

Sonoran Glass Festival Sonoran Glass Festival

The little white thing won't be there when it is finished. It is there to allow the glass (it's the chili stem) to melt over it and leave a little loop for a string.... Somebody will be getting a handmade chili ornament next year for Christmas!! ;-)

Glass FestivalGlass Festival

Overall, it was a good little festival. I think they could have been a little more prepared and ready, but it was the first year they've done this. As long as the activities change a little (who wants to make a chili every year?) I'd definitely go back. Some of their classes look interesting too. I may have to sign up for some when I have a better cash flow!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day! I'm thinking we need Cincinnati chili soon, how's about you?

  2. Ohh so cool! My sister did some glass blowing and her things came out looking awesome!

  3. Oh man - I'm so jealous!!!! I would want to go to that festival even though I can't eat chili. I would love to do the activities with glass. We've watched glass blowing so many times! I don't think we would be allowed anywhere NEAR the actual hot glass here in New Zealand - our health & safety department here has ridiculously fierce rules sometimes.

    Will be waiting to see pics of your chilis when you pick 'em up on Monday.


  4. Wow that's a big pipe you're smoking! hehe :)

  5. Thanks for the post - thoughts of chili and southwestern sunshine first thing in the morning was a blessed gift! I love festivals like this - I am also jealous that you got to participate in the glass blowing - too cool! Our first New Year's Eve Beach Blastoff had the same "running out of chili" problem a few years ago. We have a Chili Cook-off and it is amazing how many people show up. Happy day to you!

  6. I could make a few jokes here but I won't. I'll just say it looks like a fun day and I'll hint that my tree could use an extra ornament or two. =)

  7. How cool! I want to learn how to blow glass at our local glass workshop place. At Halloween they teach you how to make glass pumpkins.

    Skyline is the best hangover food ever. Just sayin'...