Friday, January 22, 2010

Dinosaur Eggs

While exploring the backyard today, I came across something very interesting.... Dinosaur eggs! I kid you not. Here, have a look for yourself!!

Dinosaur Eggs

...but then I took a closer look and noticed this strange stuff falling from the sky.

Catching Rain

What is this wet stuff? Could it be...

Raining Sunshine

It is!



Sure, it makes the skies gloomy and my days a little less exciting.... but we do need the stuff. This is the DESERT for cryin' out loud. We can always use the rain.

I must admit, I'm actually glad to have something besides a cactus to take a picture of!

The rain can be quite beautiful. Especially at night.


...and the longer you leave your windshield wipers off... the more the world begins to look like a giant watercolor painting! (don't worry, I was parked in a parking lot.)

OOOO, Ahhhhh.

...and yes, I was kidding you with the dinosaur egg. It was just a we rock of course ;-)


  1. yes rain can be pretty at night... but after seeing rain-covered-windows for so long, your view and spirits CAN get pretty damp! :) haha CAN for Canada

  2. LOL!!! Yep -I'm with Demara - there's only so much rain anyone person can tolerate. Usually I really like the rain, but this season we had just too much!!! Mind you - next time it rains, I'll just think of dinosaur eggs and laugh! Hehehhe

  3. I love this post and loving the pictures!

  4. You do make the rain look nice-- love the "dinosaur egg"!!!

  5. I love your pictures! The rain ones are fantastic. I helps me be less depressed that those are not REAL dinosaur eggs.

  6. I love, love your picture of rain on your windshield! The colors are awesome!