Sunday, January 31, 2010

Postcrossing Sunday - Russia

Distance: 10,023 km (6,228 miles)
Travel time: 27 days

What is Postcrossing? Find out Here.


  1. Hi Erika, also received a postcard from Russia this week. I love the stamps on the back... here is the one I received:

    Hope you feel better soon...sounds like you are really under the weather at the moment.

  2. How awesome! I know I've signed up on Post Crossing without doing anything else after that. What a shame..

    Well done, Erika for cultivating friendships with people from around the world!

  3. Love that card really unique!

  4. I don't think I've gotten a postcard from Russia yet, but this postcard is so pretty! :)

  5. Nice. I'm waiting for my postcard to Russia to arrive. BTW, how many postcards have you sent & received? So far I've gotten 3 & sent 9. Glad I found this hobby, it's fun. People at work are like, where are you sending your next postcard? :)

    Hope you're feeling better. I had bronchitis the past 2 winters & it is awful & the cough medicine I got was terrible - made me sooo loopy!

  6. That's a really cute card!
    Are you feeling any better?