Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three Finds

I went across town for some caching today. The caches ended up being farther away than I thought... So in order to beat rush-hour on the way home, I only grabbed three.

The first two I got were at a little man-made fishing lake.

Waiting for a Bite

A lake is an unusual sight here in Tucson. Ducks too.


There is a cache in the middle of this lake under water.... you have to have a boat though. No swimming or wading allowed. Anyone want to lend me a little boat??

The next cache was an a different park and it ended up being a DNF. I think I missed it because I was looking for something bigger. I didn't really read the cache pages to prepare myself today! ...It was one of those days. At least there were some pretty flowers on the way there ;-)



I didn't want to end the day with a DNF, so I walked a little farther and made a find. Luckily, it was big enough for a geocoin I had. That thing was driving me nuts! It was attached to an 8.5"x11" laminated and folded piece of paper. It was obnoxious! I was glad to get rid of it.

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  1. Fantastic photos!!! Looks like you've got beautiful weather.


  2. lakes and ducks unusual? not here! we have those everywhere.

    it looks pretty hot there.

    it's probably sunny where you are just as much as it's rainy here where I am :/

  3. Middle of lake? No wading or swimming allowed? What are you supposed to do, train the ducks to go get it? (Team-Ducky does not have a mini boat, but we do know ducks.)