Sunday, January 17, 2010

Way of The Cross


I finished a multi-cache today. It took a total of 2 caching days to complete. It involved gathering numbers off a sign, completing a sudoku, putting together a snake cube, and even a little addition. It was rated a 4 for difficulty and a 3 for terrain - so the find was worth it!

Here is my question for all you geocachers out there. A multi with puzzles at each stage.... should it be listed as a multi cache or a puzzle cache ?

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  1. That is a tough question to answer. I'm working on such a design myself and I've thought about it on numerous occasions. One thing to consider is that people will often ignore Puzzle caches without even looking at them, usually from a misguided belief about what the icon represents. Personally, if you aren't looking at the description before ignoring something, you could be missing out on a unique experience. Listing this design as a puzzle may result in that without word of mouth to say otherwise.

    I'd say on this one, it could be listed either way. It could be a multi-cache that happens to include puzzles. Or it could be a puzzle cache that is designed to take you through several stages of puzzles. Either way works. Personally, if a puzzle is involved at each stage, I'd list it as a puzzle cache. If the puzzle was just a single stage of a multi-stage cache, I'd probably list it as a multi, but state that cachers should expect a puzzle somewhere along the way.

  2. webscouter.1/17/10, 9:32 PM

    I've always been of the opinion that if you can't find the cache without reading the cache page it shouldn't be a multi cache. A multi should have coords posted at each stage to the next stage. Anything else requires an unknown/puzzle icon.

    But that is just me.

  3. I'd go for puzzle, although what Trip said makes sense.
    I say puzzle, because that alerts people to the fact that it might require brain as well as brawn, and/or might take more than one trip.

    Great photo montage BTW!


  4. Enjoyed our trek. No matter what it was called, we found that each of our team liked some segments better than others, lol.

    The Petroglyphs are AWESOME!

  5. I think that sort of cache *should* be a puzzle cache. We have a lot of old multi-caches here that are actually puzzles, but were published before the mystery/unknown icon was available.

  6. If you are doing puzzle things, it's a mystery/puzzle/unknown cache, no matter how many stages.

    It would be nice that they mention it's a multi-stages puzzle, but it's still a puzzle cache.

    I'm with webscouter on this one -- if you can't do the multi without having to read the cache page, it's a puzzle cache.

    I can see an argument if the puzzle at a multi-stage is easy -- such as putting something in an order or something or doing a quick activity. But, if it's a straight puzzle all the way through -- no question in what it should be listed as.

  7. If it was labeled as a multi-cache and I got there and had to solve a puzzle, I'd be ticked off. (I hate puzzles.)

    If it was labeled as a puzzle cache and I got there and had to find a second or third cache, I'd be interested. (Obviously I wanted a puzzle cache, more puzzles at this point wouldn't be a problem.)

    Either way, if it didn't say in the description that it was a puzzle multi-cache, I'd think the poster was a jerk.

    But that is just me.

  8. If your solving puzzles it should be a puzzle. If you are looking for numbers and such to add to information already on the webpage, then it should be a multi. At least this is our experiences.

  9. I've found virtuals that should have been multi-cache or possibly puzzles. I guess it really depends upon the cache hider how it's listed. Looking at the one you posted about, I would argue that it should have been listed as a puzzle. Looks like a fun cache.

    On a side note, I tend to avoid multi-caches, mainly because they usually take more time than regulars, yet it seems that many of the multi-caches that I find end up on my top 5% list. I think I need to find more multis.

  10. It should be a puzzle. There are activities at each stage that require more than retrieving a container with coordinates or simple math from a sign. Either way, it looked like a super cache!