Monday, February 1, 2010

Cyber Clean

I bought this packet of Cyber Clean to send to my sister.

It looked like the perfect weird thing to include in her Valentines box. Little did I know, my Mom had already closed and taped the box. I was bummed... but then I realized that the Cyber Clean was alll mine! Muhahah.

So I ripped open the package and got to cleaning.


It wasn't all that impressive... But it did remind me of something...


....And it sure did bring out the 8 year old in me.

And if it isn't obvious.... I'm feeling much better (besides that huge booger dripping from my nose)! Thanks for all the well wishes on the last post ;-) you guys rock!


  1. LOL! How is it supposed to clean anything? It looks weird. Loving the last picture here haha. Awesome!

  2. @Theresa, I think It just basically clings to the dust and picks it up... yeah so it doesn't really clean at all! lol

  3. It does work great for dog hair and so forth!! (Though I have to confess that I probably love cleaning with it because somewhere ..... deep inside ..... we're all still eight years old .... just maybe ......!) LOL.

    Compare a bit you have used with a bit that you haven't used, and see if they are a different colour - that will let you know how much dirt you got off.

  4. Evan Michaels2/2/10, 6:53 AM

    My wife and kids love Cyber Clean! It disinfects the toys and really gets in the hard to reach areas. It's like one of those products you may not think it's cleaning, but when you figure out all the amazing uses it has, its really useful.

  5. There is no way. this product is not a disinfectant... lol

  6. check out Cyber Clean absolutely is a disinfectant. It kills 99.999% of all Germs. It is like purell for your electronics. It is awesome. I think the company in the USA is still going through regulatory approvals to make the germ killing claims. I have used it in England for over 1 year. It says it kills germs and the product kicks ass. We all love it. It cleans and traps loose dirt and dust and disinfects. The link to the European site is here!

  7. HAH! I remember GAK! smelling super bad. Too bad this stff was not that impressive - it seems like it might be fun.

    Nice booger pic.