Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Flashback

For some reason I found myself flipping through my mom's old cookbooks. I can't say I recall the last time she cracked one of these suckers open and cooked something out of one... but I do remember them here and there on the counter growing up. This one in particular is my favorite. Why you ask? Well it has a nice stove top burn pattern on it ;-)

Wicked Burn

Though the burn pattern is awesomely hilarious, I love the notes inside more.

Mom's Notes Mom's Notes
Mom's Notes Mom's Notes

This one has got to be my favorite though...

Mom's Notes

I wish I could have found one that said... "Erika loved it!" or "Erika would not eat" ... but I was only 3 or 4 around the time of these notes. Plus I was the pickiest eater ever. Okay, I still am.

Here is a random Erika fact for you...

I didn't like hot-dogs (still don't) so when the family was having hot-dogs for dinner, I'd have ketchup on a bun. No joke. Whats worse? I loved it.

Don't worry though I haven't had ketchup on a bun in a loooong time. I don't intend to anytime soon either ;-)


  1. I miss my cookbooks!! I used to read them like books, and put bits of paper in to mark ones I'd like to try. I don't know how I ever had the time, I guess I was home more then than now.

    Great Friday flashback!

  2. I love the burn on the cover. Makes it look a little more loved. I also like finding notes from when my mom makes recipes. It's nice to know that someone has come before me and made something successfully. :)

  3. Another reason I love your blog - you inspire me to investigate things I already my Mom's cookbook. The one with the cover missing and many of the pages stained and "ooky". Thanks!

  4. Mine are all stained...butter, eggs and whatever, I copied all the good recipes out of Mum's, along with the comments! These are nearly worth photocopying! When do we get the finished quilt pic? Tracey

  5. @Tracy - I HOPE by next weekend! The plan is to have it in the mail by the 22nd ;-)

    @Karen Thanks and have fun investigating!

  6. I love the little notes in the cookbook!
    Makes it special - like a memory book.
    (also reminds me of my old textbooks ;) )