Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I went to a quilt show with my mom a couple of weekends ago. Of course I went because I'm a lover of all things crafty.... but my main goal was to get fabrics for a quilt. My friend is having a baby in May and I told her I wanted to make it a blanket! I lucked out and found all the fabrics I wanted.


Besides one tiny quilt when I was about 12, this will be my first quilt. I am lucky to have my mom around to teach me all the tricks. Seriously, who knew I needed a lesson in cutting fabric. Believe it or not... It's more complicated than it sounds!

I washed all the fabrics Saturday, they day I bought them. By Sunday night I had all the cutting done and the blocks sewn together. Monday morning I put all the blocks in rows and then sewed the rows together. Can you tell.... I sorta liked it! Ahhh. I am my mothers daughter after all.


This weekend I hope to cut the border and get it on... and what ever comes next. I probably need to go buy some batting and cut the back as well. Hint: Mom, I need you this weekend! By Monday the sewing table I ordered should be in. Hopefully that day I'll pick it up and put it together. I'll have my mom show me how to get started quilting .... and then probably show me how to do the binding over following weekend.

Not knowing for sure how long each step will take... I'm going to estimate a finish date somewhere around Valentines day maybe a few days after. It HAS to be in the mail by the 22nd just in case.. her shower is on the 28th. I want her to have it to open ;-)

And for all those wanting a sneak peek.... this is all you get. (Tiffany, don't you DARE click that!)


  1. my glasses must need cleaning, lol

    Glad you're enjoying...it's only the tip of the iceberg. Hope you realize how happy this is making me too!

    She's going to love it.

  2. Oh my gosh, the quilt picture makes my eyes FARR TOOOO HHAPPPYYY! Fabulous colours!!

    N e how... I just replied to the comment you left on my blog, and since people likely don't return to see if that has happened (and there are no notifications of further comments) I decided that since what I said was worth saying, I may as well throw it up here to make sure you get it. :-)

    "My biggest suggestion would be see a naturopath and get your allergies tested... You never know what could actually be right or wrong for your body. I heard of one lady who was sick all the time and could barely function... Turns out she was allergic to AVOCADOS!? Can I say, raanndoomm!!??

    She cut that out and her life was dramatically changed. The things that worked for me likely won't be the keys for everyone... (Although dairy is a huge @#$#@ that almost everyone is intolerant to, whether they like to admit it or not... (I could tell many stories of people who have had life and body changes over that one...))

    But ya... I'm rambling now...
    What was my point?
    OH YA.
    Allergy testing.
    Worth it."

    And for sure the book is worth a read (or listen to)!

    Have a happy day!

    Love, D

  3. You know, every time I see this photo, I just want to go there and look at all the patterns and colours.

    Have you done any more on the quilt- or is it on hold until you get the new table?

  4. Wow, that's a cool picture (and a neat place to visit!)