Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What is it about reruns that make you love a show? A show that you never followed when it was on. A show that you never had any interest in what-so-ever. Maybe even a show you tried watching a few times... but just never... got it.

Maybe I never was into the show becuase I didn't have enough life experiences at the time to relate.... or the inteligence to find the irony behind certain situations.

Or maybe I was only 4 years old when the show started and 13 when it ended. That would explain it. I was into Gumby, Salute your Shorts, and eventually Dawson's Creek. Seinfeld was just... weird, so I never watched it when it was on.

I've started to love the show the last couple years. It's great! And now I even get those Seinfeld references people make all the time!

Side note: Elaines horrible outfits make a lot more sense after Googling to find out when the show started (1989).... but they are still pretty bad!

Ever watched The Office? Me either.... until reruns started showing up.

I love this show. It's hard not to watch the new shows when they're on. I feel like I'm cheating on my reruns if I do. Actually, that's not true. I'm usually watching something else when the new episodes are on... But the previews (Pam's going to have her baby soon!) are kill me. I'm still back when Jim likes Pam, but Pam is with that other guy... with a random Pam pregnant episode in there somewhere. I think I was first turned off by the "documentary" style of this show. I just didn't understand the concept of a comedy with Real World confessional style clips mixed in. It moved to slow for me so I never watched. Now I'm hooked!

Scrubs is another good one. It was (and still is. right?) on when I started watching it, but I always caught the reruns. When it first started, it was a weird goofy show I had no interest in what-so-ever.But after watching this show a few times - I was hooked. It's one of the few shows I'll bother watching a rerun of. The "new" scrubs however... BLOWS. But who knows, maybe I'll end up loving it in reruns one day.....

Honorable mentions go to The Bernie Mac show and Everybody Hates Chris. Everybody Hates Chris is a new discovery. I'm glad I gave it a chance when I was sick this time around. It's hilarious!

Anyway. Here's my theory. Reruns can get you hooked on a show you never thought you'd watch becuase...

1. The rerun usually every night/day at the same time.
2. You don't have to wait another week to see the next episode. It's easier to like something when you don't have to be committed.
3. Usually there are two episode back to back so it keeps your interest.
4. Sometimes there are even marathons. Weeee! What better way to waste a day?
5. There is just nothing else on so that's what you end up watching, and before you know it you love it!

What show do you like watching in reruns that you never watched when it was on or is on?


  1. Arrested Development...

    If you like quirky-funny (like Scrubs and The Office) you WILL like Arrested Development.

    It was only on for three seaons, but has a "cult" following..

    I do not even think it's on reruns anymore... I saw a couple of YouTube Clips, and bought the whole DVD set (when they were on sale).

    Here is a perfect example of what to expect with Arrested Development



  2. We really enjoy scrubs - I haven't seen the newest (we don't have cable of any sort, so we by the seasons of shows that we really like), but I find a lot of the time if you don't know the "in" jokes they get worse. They aren't good for a new viewer, but great for an old one. :D Have a great day! :)

  3. I am sooo with you about reruns. I have a tv in my kitchen so I need to watch shows that don't need my full attention.

    Seinfeld - I was not allowed to watch it when it was on due to it's adult content! HA!

    Scrubs - Never got into it, but now I have seen every episode at least twice. Love Dr. Cox!

    House - I watch both the reruns and the new ones. Dr. House is amazing (have your heard him with his real voice, British!!).

  4. @The Father of Five, I'v wated to tryt hat show - but like you said - I don't think it's on in reruns. Maybe I should check out Hulu for it?? Or maybe iTunes.

    @Shaunna, Agreed. you def. Have to watch it often to get it and the characters ;-)

    @Iris Took, I <3 house too! And yes, his British accent is shocking at first! He imitates an American well ;-)

    PS. I would also like to at Sex and the City to the honorable mentions!

  5. Heys,

    Did you guys know that Hugh Laurie was Rowan Atkinson's sidekick in Blackadder ( a British sitcom series ) ?
    Anyways, you guys should watch Mr. Bean, the reruns ended sometime ago in Malaysia..
    Oh yea, hey erika, love your blog:)
    I'm blogging at

  6. It's so nice to read that someone else watched Gumby and Salute Your Shorts! What about Inspector Gadget!

    I definitely agree with your theory of why we like reruns so much. I got hooked on Everybody Loves Raymond my last year of college. It was on every night at 6 so I settled into my blue chair with my bowl of ramen. :)

    I didn't like The Office much when it first aired, and I refused to be a part of the cult following. Plus, Michael is just so... awkward. It made me cringe, but now I kinda like the reruns.

    Is FRIENDS not on your rerun list?

  7. I don't like any of these shows you listed... but my husband does! ha ha. I don't watch much TV, but when I do, MY SHOWS consist of: Property Virgins, Dog Whisperer, Design Inc., In the Womb, Income Property, Amazing Race, Heroes and so forth... but I think you know that already from Twitter. And oh. I never watch re-runs, unless I never saw the episode before and there is no timeline to the show I'm watching. I just can't stand re-runs! But come to think of it. I don't really have a memory so every show is new USUALLY! :) If I DO remember then I DON'T waste my time watching it again.

  8. I have to admit I do love "The Office". The main character.. the office manager.. (I don't even know his name.) is so ridiculous and clueless that I have to laugh eveytime. I see him in other shows and expect him to act the same way... what a bummer when he doesn't.