Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Skeleton in a Tu-Tu

One more post about the quilt show....

I just wanted to share a few photos I took while there. Let me tell you, there are some talented quilters out there - it isn't all grandma stuff! I wish I would have gotten the artists/quilters names so I could give them credit... but the thought didn't occur to me as a was walking around snapping pictures. I was ready to leave by this time anyway. So please, forgive me.

I thought this one had a cute little twist on an old fashioned looking kind of quilt.

Quilting goes 3D!

Cluck Cluck. Look it has feathers!

And my favorite one there....


  1. The tu-tu is SO silly!!

    (I still want that Benji pattern, lol, and the girly one too! Found the website!)

  2. I want that skeleton quilt!