Monday, March 22, 2010

Arizona's Oldest Cache

Yesterday I met up with fellow Geocaching Blogger GeoNarcissa. I was our fist time meeting and we got along great. It's always nice to meet internet friends in "real life." ;-)

I woke up bright and early and made my way north to Phoenix to pick her up. Besides a break for brunch at her friends house and dinner at Chili's, we cached all day! We had 17 finds and only one DNF. It turns out the DNF was determined missing by the cache owner the same day.


The highlight of the day was definitely Arizona's oldest cache. The hike was roughly 1.5 miles and with a handful of caches along the way, it took us about 3 hours round trip.

We spent some time looking at the cache owner's note and the logs.


I love that this is nearly 10 years old and still out in the desert. I also got a kick out of him calling it his "GPS Stash."

The first few logs interesting too... The game has changed a lot since 2000. Some of the items left would be frowned upon now and you don't see any of the TFTC SL TNLN type lingo. They signed with there real names too. I guess the nicknames hadn't caught on yet.

3/21/10 Arizona

This is definitely a cache I'll remember doing! I'm so glad we decided to make our way out there! You must grab this one if you are in AZ!

What's the oldest cache you've found?

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P.S. More highlights of this caching day to come ;-)


  1. You crazy desert crawling, GPS following girl you. If that had been in the NW it couldn't have survived all the rain. (I think.)

  2. The oldest cache I found was
    GC4B6. It was placed 3/17/01. It is in the NW and it is in great shape!

  3. Also, the oldest cache in Washington is GCD. It is called Geocache and was hidden on 6/21/2000. We haven't made it to that one yet. Someday!

  4. I like reading through old logs...even when caches aren't that old. It makes me sad when people only sign their names or TFTC. I like to try to write something a little more :)

  5. We've done NZ's oldest cache, which is one of the oldest caches in the world that is still active!!!
    GC46 Geocache by Kevin Anderson - placed 26th May 2000

  6. Great Find E. Our's is "Four Dances" and is located in Montana. I believe it's been around since May 2001.

  7. I've found Arizona's oldest geocache, and the other old one we found that day. I've also found Missouri's oldest geocache - GC37 - and Washington, DC's oldest geocache. This summer I hope to find Canada's oldest geocache.

  8. We too have done this cache and it is our oldest as well. It was also our 1000 milestone and we even called it into Podcacher and they played the phone call.

    For us it was exciting finding the oldest cache within hundreds of miles. We spent a Spring day as well to grab this cache. Being mountain boys it was fun to see the desert so green.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. you know, I don't even know what the oldest still active cache is in the United Kingdom - I need to go and find out - thanks for the prompt