Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Bees are Back in Town


You know that bee that used to buzz a lot?
Every night he'd be on the flower shaking what he'd got.
Man when I tell you he was cruel, he was red hot,
I mean he was stingin'.

And that time over at Johnny's place,
Well this bee got up and he stung Johnny's face.
Man we just ran out the place.
If that bee don't want to go, kill it.

Original song by Thin Lizzy

Please note, ErikaJean does not approve of bee killings. Those words happened to fit ;-)


  1. The perfect post for springtime! Thanks for posting!

  2. Are you nervous shooting bees? What if he gets mad and stings you?

  3. That bee photo is awesome!

  4. How did you get such a terrific bee photo? Love it.

  5. Cindy - I got really close and tried not to get too freaked out by all of them ;-)