Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dobbins Lookout

Just another awesome location Geonarcissa and I visited on our day of caching :-)

Dobbins lookout is located in South Mountain Park at an elevation of 2330ft. The view of Phoenix was amazing, as you can see.

3/21/10 Arizona

Our reason for visiting this spot was the South Mountain Metamorphic Core Complex Earthcache.

3/21/10 Arizona

After reading the description a couple times, we successfully completed the cache and made our way down the mountain.

We grabbed caches on our decent and took advantage of all the photo opportunities.

South Mountain

South Mountain Park

3/21/10 Arizona

I'm up to 5 earthcaches now! My favorite one is still in Tennessee, you can read about it here. My hardest geocache involved crawling through a cave, I almost got stuck... twice.

And since I've really started liking ask question if I can...

If you're a geocacher...
What is your most memorable Earthcache?
Link to it if you've blogged it ;-)

If you're not a geocacher...
Have you ever been horseback riding?


  1. Looks like a lovely hike up to that view! Horseback Riding? oh yes!! I took lessons for a bit, English. But I've ridden Western as well.

  2. @demara, we took a car up and down the mountain ;-)

  3. I've found 31 Earthcaches. Actually, 32, but there's one I haven't logged because Nik lost the information. We're hoping it will turn up when he moves in.

    I think my most memorable Earthcaches were the ones at Gettysburg, Devil's Den (GC14YRW) and Little Round Top (GC161PZ).

  4. Fantastic pictures! Yes, have been horseback riding.

  5. Beautiful photos! As always!

    Wanted to let you know that my blog has a new URL in case you need to update anything or want to pop by sometime. It's:

    Hope you have a great weekend, Erika Jean! :)

  6. My fav is definitely that one in TN when we were like wtf?? LOL
    Or maybe when we dug for diamonds? That was sweet too :D

  7. @Theresa E. - Yeah I Loved that one because it was so out of the way and odd!

    @Rebekah - Thanks! And I've added you to my reader ;-)

    @Oneal - thanks!

    @geonarcissa - I'll have to check it out, thanks for sharing the link!

  8. Awesome views, we don't get much of views here in flat South Florida.

  9. I've only done one Earthcache:

    Alum Bay Earthcache

    but it was awesome fun

    We had to go down on a chairlift to the bottom of the cliffs, I enjoyed that a lot!

    I haven't blogged the cache as such, but you can see the chairlift on this blog post

    (I hope those links work :) )