Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Front Yard Geocache

I tend to stay away from caches placed too close to houses. They just make me feel uncomfortable and I hate when people have that "what are you up to" look on their face. Then there is that who problem of the neighborhood dog barking the whole time you search. Front yard caches just aren't my cup of tea.

Today was a little different though. I was grabbing a cache on my "To Do" list. The cache owner stated they had permission to place the cache and the description went on to explain that this front yard wasn't a "typical" front yard.... and it wasn't.

This was my first glimpse of the yard. After I parked the car and walked closer, I was overwhelmed. Junk Art, may not be the proper term.... but that is exactly what it was... and it was everywhere.

Of course I had my camera in hand and took a billion pictures. I tried to narrow it down... but it was hard, so bear with me.

IMG_0215 IMG_0212

This one cracked me up. Boob Grabin'.

A future American Idol Contestant?

This guy had to be one of my favorites. He was a little astronaut. All silver and holding a mini American flag.


I thought I knew where the cache was... and when I finally worked up the nerve to touch the art, I made the find ;-) It was it this blue thing being held my some kind of welded creature.

IMG_0231 IMG_0234

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  1. Front yard caches don't seem to be as common here as in the US. We've done two - one we were invited to do, and the other the person was right in the driveway anyway so as soon as we waved our GPS we knew wew were in the right place.

    It's so cool how some people can see a piece of 'junk' but see it as possible art instead! And then go right ahead and turn it into something creative. This place looks like fun.

  2. The artist had quite an imagination!

  3. Love "junk art"! Thanks for sharing.

    Team-Ducky's first cache is a "back yard cache".

  4. That's really cool! Speaking of front yard caches, read this...

  5. Hadn't come across a front yard cache yet... I can see where it might be strange.

  6. SOOOOO CUTE!! for one "yard cache" but not really a yard cache, you had to park in the guy's drive, have your laptop along, pull up the wireless network, and the name of the network was the coords for the final. pretty cool.

  7. there's a wifi cache like that near me - cool idea isn't it

    LOVE this junk art cache, I wish I had the guts to turn my front yard into an art exhibit, but my neighbours would have me drummed out of town :)

    sorry for overloading your blog with comments today, but I keep finding more cool posts, it's your own fault for writing about such interesting things :p