Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Phoenix Virtuals

Geonarcissa and I found our last four caches (all virtuals) at night. I was a little worried about being downtown in the dark, but there wasn't a soul in sight. My legs were also killlling me.. but Geonarcissa kept me going. That's one of the good things about geocaching with someone! I wanted to stop, but I'm glad we didn't.

One of our virtual geocaches was in front of the Arizona State Capitol building.

Phoenix Virtuals

The virtual had to do with the reproduction of the Liberty Bell on the left side of the picture, but I was doing some wiki reading and found out some interesting facts about the building. The Arizona state seal represents the 5 C's, all having to do with the "foundational elements of the Arizona economy". They are cattle, cotton, citrus, copper and climate... However the seal depicted in the capital building is missing the cattle part... and guess what? That error came out of Ohio! Haha, Go Ohio (my home state). I also read that Arizona has the only copper domed capital building in the United States - they used Arizona resources to build it. Unfortunately you can't see the dome in my night picture.

Phoenix Virtuals
Me ringing Arizona's Liberty Bell.

The rest of our virtual finds were in Bolin Memorial Park. All within walking distance of one another. It was a great spot to end the caching day.

I'm up to 12 virtual geocaches now, but I still think my favorite was my first one. Have you done a virtual? if so, which one was your favorite? Be sure to leave a link if you've blogged about it!

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  1. The pictures look good in black and white like that.

    I have 39 Virtuals. If I visit a place where I know I won't have much time to cache, I will often focus on Earthcaches and Virtuals.

    I don't think I have a favourite. It was fun doing them with another geocacher - almost every other Virtual I've done has been by myself or with a non-cacher.

  2. We have apparently done 5 virtuals. I don't think there are too many in our part of the world. My favourite was GCFFF5 A Watery Outlook. It was a complete surprise the beautiful waterfalls that were there.

  3. One really cool virtual I did was at Mammoth Site in South Dakota. I completely forgot it was a virtual until AFTER I did it and didn't have the specific info to e-mail the owner. So I e-mailed the owner with a lot of other specific detail about my visit and they let me log it :D

  4. @geonarcissa - wow! that is lot of virturals!!

    @annienz - man, I wish we had waterfalls here ;-P

    @Theresa - I think I remember seeing the pics, it looked pretty cool!

  5. We've done 63 virtuals. Ironically, there are still a few near home that we haven't found yet. My favorite is Whiteoak Canyon in Shenandoah National Park (GCJV2Q). We had just been caching a few months and were on vacation in Shenandoah. There had been a hurricane through the area a couple days before we got to the park. We did White Oak via a loop trail with a stream crossing. The stream was thigh high with white water when we crossed. Not one of our smarter days. We did the cache before blogging so there's no on-line photos.