Sunday, March 7, 2010


Technically, the first day of spring isn't until the end of next week but I felt like I needed to get jump on it this year.


My spring started today. I grabbed some seeds at Walgreen's and headed out to the back porch. I used some "empty" pots my mom had in the back yard. By empty, I mean no plants were there that were meant to be there. Yeah, they were full of weeds. Strong weeds too...


...with looooong roots...


I managed to stay dry and get all my planting done between today's rain.


I didn't have anything to mark my plants with so I used some paint sticks we had sitting around around. I've seen a couple cute ideas for plant markers that I might try later. I'd definitely do something else though, because I don't like the way these look ;-)


Yey for spring!

Are you going to grow anything this spring?


  1. Yay for growing things!! I hope they do well for you.
    That is interesting that your Spring hasn't officially started yet.
    Our seasons go with the months - so it was 'officially' autumn on the 1st March.

    That is an impressive weed!!

  2. It sure did feel like spring for us this last weekend. Temps in the 70's and bunches of sun.

    But we are sorry to say that coming home was a bear. Crazy snow and lame drivers made the last 70 miles of our trip a whole lot longer than it needed to be. I was even able to shovel the driveway when I arrived home. :-)

    No spring for us for a while, but if it means open forests we are happy.

  3. I plan on growing some vegetables for me and my husband this summer. Not sure what kind though.

  4. Can't wait for Spring! Hope your flowers do well. I love cosmos..I might plant something just need to wait for the snow to melt.

  5. "Are you going to grow anything this spring?"

    I'm already hard at work on a bumper crop of dandelions.

  6. I am impressed by your green thumb. I would like to start trying to "Grow Things" as you put it this year...we'll see.

  7. I'm so so so excited for Spring! I tried growing Cosmos in my garden last year but they got really tall and stalky, and never bloomed. Just had these crazy leaf things. I hope yours do better! :)

  8. I've started growing tomatoes and peppers this spring Erika. My first year trying this sort of thing out, so I'm not sure how it's gonna go, but fingers x'ed

  9. i'm not sure what i'm going to grow, but it sure isn't going to be pumpkins!! taking the year off :). i think the normal; marigolds, snapdraggons, zinnas, impatients for here around house...... potatoes, beans, peas, corn, brocolli, tomatoes, more potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, pickles, etc at the garden. YAY FOR SPRING! THIS POST MADE ME SO HAPPY!