Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tohono Chul Park

I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again... Geocaching is great - It takes you to places you would have otherwise missed.

Today I went for a cache inside a Tohono Chul Park. I was a little hesitant at first, becuase it cost $7 to get in... and there was only one cache inside. After realizing I could probably snap a few good pictures while I was there, I decided to fork out the cash and go.

Mexican Poppy

When I got there a nature walk was about to start, so I joined in. It was nice and all... but too slowly paced for me so I bolted half way through. It was just a little too informative for my taste. You can't stop at every plant and explain it, you don't get very far that way. Have I mentioned I was a Seasonal Naturalist for a bit? I used to do that kind of thing... Ohio was a lot different than the desert though ;-)

Pink Flower
Parry's Beardtongue

Anyway... I was really impressed with the park. Flowers and cacti everywhere. Nicely maintained and volunteers/staff present. It was a little desert gem I was glad to find!

One of my favorite parts of the park was right when you walked in. There was a little seating area surrounded by Mexican Fence Post Cacti.

Fence Post
Mexican Fence Post Cacti
Fence Post * Fence Post

The park had a great little green house too. The prices didn't seem to be bad... but since I just planted flowers, I decided I didn't need to buy anything. Well, except for postcards ;-)


I also met a fellow photographer and Flickrite there. Go check out Larry's photos, they are awesome!

As for the cache. I spotted it and waited for a mob of people on a tour to move on before making the grab. I signed the log and put it back in its place. I headed back to my car and went across the street for another one.

The cache was a camouflaged pill bottle. Easy to spot though. Some of camo was coming off and someone had left poor old Obama sitting outside! If your swag is too big for the cache... then don't leave it. I signed the wet log, snatched Obama and headed home.


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  1. Great pictures - you really have a talent for capturing nature's beauty.

  2. Nooow I know what kind of fence we need to keep the dogs in!!!! LOL
    LOVE those 'Fence Post' cacti.

    Beautiful photos of the flowers too.

  3. You're right Larry DOES have great photos but then again so do you :)

    And YEAH Obama... haha that's hilarious that someone would do that.