Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caching in the Morning

I decided to get up early when it was still nice and cool to go grab a couple caches and get a little walk in. I ended up with three finds for the day.

Cache Cache Cache


What is that?




AHHHHHHhhhhh. Ew ew ew EWWWw.

I took this picture when I first opened the cache. I then proceeded to pick the log up, get the cache out and the replace it. Replacing it was hard too, I really jostled it around.... and I NEVER realized there was a big honkin' blood sucking deadly spider there!

Okay. It's not really deadly, I just hate spiders!

I took some pretty pictures while on my walk. I promise to share... just as soon as this creepy crawly feeling goes away!

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  1. crap! that's unusually gross & large!

  2. Tried to identify it on-line, but just looking at all the spider photos freaked me out. Hope never to see that while I'm caching.

  3. UU, I think it's a wolf spider. ew.

  4. Woahhh that's a big spider!

  5. yikes, you're lucky you only spotted that guy afterwards! how dare he be so sneaky and camouflaged!

    i had a recent run-in with a wolf spider. she was running across a mat in my sun room, and her abdomen seemed to be quivering . . . she was carrying hundreds of baby spiders on her back!

  6. Holy! If I had seen that spider I would have dropped dead on the spot!!! That thing looks like a maneater!!!!!