Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Flashback - Johnny's Toys

When we were kids, and our birthday's were approaching we'd eagerly check the mailbox every day for our Johnny's Toys birthday card. We didn't care about the card so much - it was the key on the inside we wanted!

One we got the key, we'd be our mom to take us to the toy store so we could unlock the castle door and pick our prize!

Of course, once we got older are realized all the keys were the same. They didn't actually unlock the door. Really, our keys were just a ticket for a free cheap toy... we stopped getting keys in the mail around this time.... But still, such a cool place when we were kids!


  1. That's so awesome you found a picture of that! haha I loved that toy store SO much! Remember the Legos out front! Too bad it's gone... :( those toys were crap but it was so fun to go inside the castle and pick a free toy! It never got old.. lol

  2. I always loved the train display they had in one window.

    It was a great place to shop for Christmas. They'd let you pick all your Christmas needs early and they'd hold them until Christmas for you!