Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm Not That Dedicated

I went out and got a few caches this morning. I had a lot more planned but got frustrated pretty early on, so I cut it short.

The very first cache I went to was at a park... where an Easter egg hunt was being held. I didn't even bother getting out of the car to look for that one! My second DNF was at another park where again, an Easter egg hunt was being held. Enough with the Easter egg hunts people... you're ruining my day! I did get out of the car for that one though, but the cache was so high (the hint says "bring a tall friend"), I would have had to do some climbing and reaching for it. I definitely would have looked like I was up to something.

In my opinion, caches at a very public park should be in a spot where you can grab it with out looking like your up to something. They should also be away from the bathrooms and play areas. It's much better if you can hit up the outskirts of the park, away from the masses.

Maybe I'm a little grumpy today... but the best rule of thumb is if you would yell at your kid for standing on the top of a picnic table or climbing a support pillar, you probably shouldn't be doing it either... at least where/when other people are around ;-)

I guess technically I could have a grabby tool with me... but lets face it... I'm not THAT dedicated. Anyway, I still get a bunch of odd looks and I'd totally blow the cache location.

I guess that's what I get for planning a day of quick grabs.... I knew I should have gone for a cache that required a hike!


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  1. Yeah, I don't like looking like I'm up to something either. I was too short for one I was searching for today.Pretty sure I know where it is, just can't reach it. cleadf I'm trying to find a cache in every county in NC. There are 100 counties, so I've got a ways to go.

  2. Well, it's a park and it's being used. It can't be helped. I agree to keep it away from the playground. I wouldn't want to be too creepy if I didn't have my kids with me! Otherwise it's all good to me. Adds to the challenge. I've done caches around Times Square in NYC. Stealth is a must when muggles are 5 feet away. It's actually fun trying to be covert!

    -Team Geofrog

  3. Yea wow...def. should be away from children's play areas. People are funny about their kids (for good reason!) and caches should not be in a place such as this because the care givers are on high alert.

  4. I only grabbed one that was near a playground. It was a puzzle cache that involved counting some of the items at the park. This was on a Saturday afternoon, and I didn't have my kids with me. After feeling suitably creepy, I decided that I would try to avoid playground caches in the future.

  5. 'Stealth' and being 'covert' - fine in a public place like a town square or something like that, where there are gazillions of people. The more people there are, the less likely they are to play attention to one strange person.

    But children's play areas with fewer adults, well - the one adult doing something strange will stand out. We don't do playground caches unless the playground is totally empty.

  6. You should have looked more on the DNF, tell people your looking for an easter egg. Or grab a kid and get him on your shoulders to make the find. Teach them about geocaching, they would love it.

    I never really try to be stealthy when geocaching. When people look at me funny I just tell them what I am doing. Most people say, "O" and walk away, but some have stayed to help me look. I like telling people and educating them about geocaching.

  7. I don't enjoy caches where I feel as though I need the stealth of a shoplifter or feel like I'm going to be mistaken for a pervert. I try to avoid playground equipment unless with a group. I have seen a few placed near restrooms in parks and don't really understand why. There has to be a better place for a hide.

  8. I'm so behind on blogs.

    There was an Easter egg hunt going on when I was caching last weekend too. I had my son with me, so I think I blended in.

  9. Hi Erika, I don't think I have commented on your blog before, so hello! You've inspred me to start geo-caching finally after I saw it elsewhere a while ago and I love reading about post crossing too. Take a look at my blog to see my first geo-cache experience! ;0)

    x hel x

  10. 'Tis an interesting rant of sorts. I can see this a couple of ways.

    Though I don't disagree about trying to put it into other spots, sometimes the best spots are where people are. That being said, playgrounds ... bad. In this day and age, anyone (male, female) walking around a playground looking suspicious isn't good. I usually skip these unless it's totally empty.

    I don't usually like to cache solo, but if I do, I tend to gravitate to more out there places, such as hikes and things like that where I feel I can be safe.

    If people are around, though, I will usually try and see if they've heard of caching or if they want to.