Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well. I woke up, on 3 hrs of sleep... to move my car out of the way for my mom. After I move it, I walk back to the house when I hear a strange sound.


"WTF is that?" I think to myself.

I expect to see some weird military plane (we get all kinds of stuff living near a base)...Well, I was wrong.

I look up and see the bottom of a basket and a little flame, RIGHT OVER MY HEAD... and LOW too. I BOLT into the house screaming "There's hot air balloon RIGHT over the house!" My mother has NO idea what I said and tries to make sense of the situation as I frantically grab my camera and she follows me outside.

I manged to grab a few pictures, none of which show you how close the thing actually was when I first saw it...


But man, did that wake me up!

And here is another hot air balloon on another morning...



  1. Great shot....they are really loud, especially that low! So cool!

  2. Very cool! It IS kind of startling when you first hear that noise coming from the sky.