Friday, May 28, 2010

Where to Buy

You have GOT to get to the used bookstore for postcards!


*Ask at least two different people if they have any postcards or postcard books. Explain... "You know the ones where you can rip them out?" The reason for asking two people is they each might know where at least one is and they will point it out to you. The reason for explaining.... I don't really know, but it seems to wipe away the puzzled looks for me.

*BROWSE the store. Think about it.... postcard books. What section would that be in anyway? Exactly. You don't know and neither do the people putting them on the shelves... and because of this - they will be scattered throughout. I usually check the counters when I walk in, display shelves, travel and art sections and especially the "gift" books section.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stars Do it Too


Just wanted to share a postcard/mail related picture I came across on Flickr. This picture is by one of my Flickr contacts, Makena Gadient and you can check out her photostream here. She's a talented photographer that takes great portraits and often post pictures of the landscape where she lives, Hawaii.

day 143
Photo by: Makena Gadient

I'm thinking one day I will have to have a creative mailbox spread like this. So awesome. I of course would have a spot for postcards. View larger so you can see all the details.

I wonder if the mailman (or woman) sorts the mail as suggested. I know I would, but then again I can see a mailman in a hurry be annoyed by the whole thing....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Postcrossing Sunday - Turkey

Distance: 10,914 km (6,782 miles)
Travel time: 18 days

(Click Picture to Enlarge)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cache in Trash Out

I attended my first Cache in Trash Out event today. It was mostly a Scout aimed event, but other cachers we welcome to join. I was a little worried going there, because only 3 people had marked themselves as "Will Attend." It turns out most of the scouts had only cached a little or not at all... and them/their parents didn't have caching names... so there ended up being about 20 or so people.

<span class=

We ended up getting everything in the little park picked up in about an hour. Then there was a small geocaching explanation for the kids and parents in attendance. After that, we all went and grabbed the cache that was 300 ft. away. I sure hope no muggles were around ;-P

<span class=
Picture is blurry for obvious reasons... these aren't my kids!

I felt a little out of place among all the kids, but it was a fun event. It's always good to clean up the neighborhood when you can!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My flowers realllly tried to bloom when I was gone... Looks like I got home just in time!

Previous posts on these flowers: 2010 Spring Flowers


I ended up with a total of 9 caches in ohio... 3 of them were at cemeteries....

My first cemetery find on my Ohio trip was actually at the park I used to work at. I knew the cemetery was there - I just had never walked that part of a trail. Thanks Geocaching for giving me the excuse to go check it out while I was in town!


DO you see the stones? There are small square and have no writing on them... I tried to find some more info online but was unsuccessful :-/


Finding the cache was fairly easy... See the fossils?


My Favorite gravestone was at the Goshen Cemetery. I actually would have missed this gravestone if it weren't for muggles. There were some maintenance guys cutting grass so I wondered around until they disappeared - and I came across this stone.

The tree grew around the stone! the tree is dead too :-/


Speaking of trees... I saw a lot of these.


They must have been in style back then.

...Speaking of style...

Meyers Cemetery
...I wouldn't be caught dead in that hat.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lake Isabella

My first cache of my trip to Ohio was at Lake Isabella, another Hamilton County Park. This park is mainly for those that fish, but there are also some picnic shelters to rent out and some playthings for the kids. It's a small park next to the Little Miami River.... and you guessed it... it features a lake.

Lake Isabella

I had to buy a park pass for my Dad's truck when I got there, and while I was in the boathouse I also picked up some bug spray. That bug spray was the best buy I've made in a while... there were SWARMS of mosquitoes. I didn't get a single bite!

That first day I cached, was the worst day weather wise of my whole trip. It was extremely hot and humid and everything was damp from recent rains. Not to mention... I'm not used to tree cover interfering with my GPS, so I had to deal with that.

Some how I managed to tune out my Geosense and scramble up the hill to the left in this picture. I mean look at the picture - It's fairly obvious where the cache is. Doh!

It's in the Tree!

Anyway, It's good that I got a little off track... I got this sweet snail shot!


I struck out at the other two caches in this park. One appears to be missing and I gave up on the other one because on the way to it, I lost my GPS in some tall weeds for about 15 minutes.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Postcrossing Sunday - Seattle

This postcard is from Maggie, the blog author of SudsyMaggie: Adventures in Homebrewing, Craft Beer, Geocaching & Island Life. I love her blog, I definitely recommend you go check it out!

This isn't an official Postcrossing card, but I really liked it and thought I'd share ;-)

I decided to Google "Puget Sound" to see if I could find out anything interesting about it. Here's what I got:
It is estimated that more than 100 million geoducks are packed into Puget Sound's sediments. Also known as "king clam," geoducks are considered to be a delicacy in Asian countries. Orcas are famous throughout the Sound, and are a large tourist attraction. Salmon flow in and out of Puget Sound and are a main food source for many marine animals. Pinnipeds include the harbor seal, the Steller Sea Lion, the California Sea Lion, and the occasional Northern Elephant Seal. Minke, Humpback, and Grey Whales also live in the waters.
So of course I then I found myself Googling "geoduck." Here is what they look like:

Pretty gross looking... Here is another snippet on how the Geoduck burrows under the sand in Puget Sound.

Thanks Maggie for the cool card!
You can also Find Maggie on Twitter.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great day to Fly!

My Dad and I each took a turn riding in a Stearman PT-17 Today. It was a great ride and we had perfect weather!

Great Day to Fly

Plane Ride

So much fun! Thanks Dad!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cute Baby Alert!

I'm so glad I have my camera back. Otherwise I would have missed out on getting photos of this little guy.






Congratulations Brad and Tiffany!!

Recognize the blanket??

Buckeye Falls

This vacation is pretty great, not only becuase I get to see friends and family... but because I'm here and I don't have a reason to be. What I mean is, I'm not here for a wedding, birthday, a holiday or any other special event. That means, for the most part.... I call the shots! Weee!

I only packed one pair of jeans, and stuffed the rest of my suitcase with sweatpants and T-shirts. I didn't pack any make-up and only minimal hair supplies. It's a great relief to not deal with that crap!

Anyway, what I'm getting at is... I got to go geocaching! Where I wanted to, and how long I wanted to! Yippee.

I decided to visit some Hamilton County Park District parks for my caching (They support caching!). I used to work at a few of the parks, so I got to see old work friends at Sharon Woods too. I'm hoping to get back there before I go back... there are a few of caches I missed. I solved a mystery one there - but forgot to take my solved coordinates with me! Doh!

Buckeye Falls - Virtual Cache (GCA691)

Buckeye Falls

So many times we'd see people in the falls, or get complaints from other visitors that people were playing in the falls when I worked in the park. Even in the gallery of photos on the cache page you can see all the people that somehow missed this sign...


I also walked the nearby Gorge Trail (1.4mi) while I was there.


There just happened to be two Earthcaches on the trail.... I of course got both!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Guess what? I'm in Ohio!

A miracle happened and I was able to get a ticket to Cincinnati (thanks Angie!!). The timing is perfect too... my best friend had a baby last week!

The great thing? She doesn't know I'm coming! I didn't want to tell her I was coming, in case things didn't work out and I wasn't able to come, so I got in contact with her Mom ;-) We're headed over there tonight for dinner! I'm SO excited to see her and the baby!

As the honorary Aunt, I of course am bringing goodies with me! I've been on a bit of a T-shirt making kick... So here's what I made:

I also made this one, it wasn't dry enough when I took the picture of the other three.

I'm proud of these shirts. They were relatively easy and in my opinion, turned out pretty darn cute.

The bat and fish were used making freezer paper stencils. The cactus was made with a stencil too, as well as some freehand lines. The cactus is my second favorite one. The best one is definitely the tie! It's and applique and you can learn how to make it here.

More posts to come! I've been geocaching already :-D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TB Tee

I discovered a cacher over the weekend! He was his very own travel bug.

I've seen these shirts online, but this is the first time I've encountered one. I loved it so much, I decided to make one for myself!

TB Shirt TB Shirt


It's blue with sliver paint and it's not perfect (I got excited and started to pull off the freezer paper too early) ....but I really like how it turned out. I have TB tag laying around here, so I will use those numbers. I've been trying to find something to do with it anyway. I just need to add the numbers and probably my caching name too and I'll be done! ;-P

PS. Here is a tutorial I did about doing a freezer paper shirt.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


If there is one thing about geocaching that I hate.... It's a decoy! It seems like I run into them more and more. In my opinion the whole putting out a decoy idea, is going a little overboard. It's a practical joke with no payoff. It's not like you can be there to see the person check to spot and laugh at them. There is no "Gotcha" moment - so why bother. Besides, It's more disruption to nature than needed in placing a cache.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I fall for them... But I won't stop hating them! :-)

Here are two decoys at one cache that I recently found....



What's your opinion?

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Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Years! Phoenix, Arizona

One 10 year event just isn't enough! I talked my mom(QuiltedCactus) and her husband(StandUpDouble) into going to the 10 Years! Phoenix, Arizona event on Sunday. We did spend a little time at the event socializing, but most or our time was spent seeing the park and grabbing caches! If you're going to drive 2hrs, you have to get caches.

I've been to South Mountain park two times before, but this time I got to see a little more of it. There is a stretch of the park that is only open one weekend a month. It was really pretty down that road - so I was glad we got down there!

We missed the group picture... but you can see it on the event page.

My camera is acting up, so I grabbed some shots with my point and shoot. ;-(

P1010036 P1010027

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