Saturday, May 1, 2010

10 Years! Mesa, Arizona

10 Years! Mesa, Az - GC255NE

On Saturday I went up to Mesa, Arizona for a 10 year event.


There were over 100 people there! Can you find me?
Photo by: siamezers

There was a ton of food... and this cool cake!

I found my first cache alone and saw some wildlife.
IMG_0423 IMG_0410

I bumped into some other cachers along the way and got the remaining caches with them... Unfortunately, with them I saw a dead rat (NOT pictured) and a mummified fish.

So Saturday I ended up with 13 caches and one event!

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Oh yeah! I got to meet some fellow Twitter people! @justhike, @Flag_Mtn_Hkrs, & @JerryAZ!


  1. Nope! Can't tell which one is you! (I feel like I should be able to!!) Hadn't realized there were so many people, glad you had a good turn out.

    Axiously awaiting for today's event, it'll be fun.

  2. Sounds like a successful & fun weekend!

  3. thx for posting a better picture of the group
    at least my scanner got in it way in the back

  4. It looks like you are in the middle of the second row...not sure though. Are you planning on coming to Geowoodstock this year? I would love to meet you and cache with you!

    Katy Rose

  5. I'm on the right side - with a backpack on.

    Katy- I don't think I'll be making it this year :-( I don't have the funds this year... maybe next!

  6. The one with the white tee shirt!