Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Years! Phoenix, Arizona

One 10 year event just isn't enough! I talked my mom(QuiltedCactus) and her husband(StandUpDouble) into going to the 10 Years! Phoenix, Arizona event on Sunday. We did spend a little time at the event socializing, but most or our time was spent seeing the park and grabbing caches! If you're going to drive 2hrs, you have to get caches.

I've been to South Mountain park two times before, but this time I got to see a little more of it. There is a stretch of the park that is only open one weekend a month. It was really pretty down that road - so I was glad we got down there!

We missed the group picture... but you can see it on the event page.

My camera is acting up, so I grabbed some shots with my point and shoot. ;-(

P1010036 P1010027

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