Friday, May 14, 2010

Buckeye Falls

This vacation is pretty great, not only becuase I get to see friends and family... but because I'm here and I don't have a reason to be. What I mean is, I'm not here for a wedding, birthday, a holiday or any other special event. That means, for the most part.... I call the shots! Weee!

I only packed one pair of jeans, and stuffed the rest of my suitcase with sweatpants and T-shirts. I didn't pack any make-up and only minimal hair supplies. It's a great relief to not deal with that crap!

Anyway, what I'm getting at is... I got to go geocaching! Where I wanted to, and how long I wanted to! Yippee.

I decided to visit some Hamilton County Park District parks for my caching (They support caching!). I used to work at a few of the parks, so I got to see old work friends at Sharon Woods too. I'm hoping to get back there before I go back... there are a few of caches I missed. I solved a mystery one there - but forgot to take my solved coordinates with me! Doh!

Buckeye Falls - Virtual Cache (GCA691)

Buckeye Falls

So many times we'd see people in the falls, or get complaints from other visitors that people were playing in the falls when I worked in the park. Even in the gallery of photos on the cache page you can see all the people that somehow missed this sign...


I also walked the nearby Gorge Trail (1.4mi) while I was there.


There just happened to be two Earthcaches on the trail.... I of course got both!


  1. Oh! if only we were neighbors :. You seem like such a fun person!!

  2. I think I forgot what GREEN looks like! The falls picture is AMAZING.

  3. Lovely looking park. And a great sounding vacation. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a fantastic time with all the caching!

  4. The waterfalls picture is gorgeous!

  5. That waterfall photo is beautiful!
    Sounds like you are having fun.

  6. Wow! The falls are beautiful!