Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I ended up with a total of 9 caches in ohio... 3 of them were at cemeteries....

My first cemetery find on my Ohio trip was actually at the park I used to work at. I knew the cemetery was there - I just had never walked that part of a trail. Thanks Geocaching for giving me the excuse to go check it out while I was in town!


DO you see the stones? There are small square and have no writing on them... I tried to find some more info online but was unsuccessful :-/


Finding the cache was fairly easy... See the fossils?


My Favorite gravestone was at the Goshen Cemetery. I actually would have missed this gravestone if it weren't for muggles. There were some maintenance guys cutting grass so I wondered around until they disappeared - and I came across this stone.

The tree grew around the stone! the tree is dead too :-/


Speaking of trees... I saw a lot of these.


They must have been in style back then.

...Speaking of style...

Meyers Cemetery
...I wouldn't be caught dead in that hat.

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  1. ooooh - one post into reading your blog and I already love it, I also have a bit of a thing for cemeteries.

    I found this blog via GeoNarcissa's - I love randomly surfing the web and finding people with whom I have so much in common!

    geocaching - check
    postcrossing - check (I might get to send you a card one day!)
    crafts & photography - check

    only difference is that I'm in England and you're from Ohio (would it help if I told you I had an OSU Buckeyes bottle opener at home that plays the fight song? :) (bought for me by my boyfriend as my favourite hockey player, Ryan Kesler of the Canucks, was a Buckeye)

    Maybe not as I see you are a University of Cincinnati grad :)

    anyway - great to "meet" you :)


  2. ...and I'll roll over in the grave if you put one on my headstone.

    Everything is SO green!

  3. I was reading about gravestone symbols yesterday because I was trying to learn more about that statue of the lady holding the anchor. Here's the site I was looking at:

    Apparently those tree stump graves are used for members of "Woodmen of the World," which seems to be a cross between a fraternal service organization and an insurance company.

    They mention the gravestones on their website.

  4. Thanks for all the info Geonarcissa, the symbols page was really interesting!

  5. I love your pictures. I saw one of those stump headstones while at a cache recently.

    @geonarcissa-thanks for sharing those sites.

    Katy Rose

  6. Erika,

    We have a cemetery like the one with the paths through the greenery and the small rounded, worn stones in Delhi, south of where we live. Right in the neighborhood...very cool place.

    While on a walk&talk with a congregant (she wanted to show me where she wanted to be buried), I encountered my first of those headstones that look like carved/petrified logs. Very interesting.

    Love the one by the dead tree stump. Very unique.

    We aren't as fond of cemetery caches as some folks, but we do do them. Of course, if they are big enough containers we have a tradition of leaving an R.I.P. Plucky Ducky there.