Sunday, May 16, 2010

Postcrossing Sunday - Seattle

This postcard is from Maggie, the blog author of SudsyMaggie: Adventures in Homebrewing, Craft Beer, Geocaching & Island Life. I love her blog, I definitely recommend you go check it out!

This isn't an official Postcrossing card, but I really liked it and thought I'd share ;-)

I decided to Google "Puget Sound" to see if I could find out anything interesting about it. Here's what I got:
It is estimated that more than 100 million geoducks are packed into Puget Sound's sediments. Also known as "king clam," geoducks are considered to be a delicacy in Asian countries. Orcas are famous throughout the Sound, and are a large tourist attraction. Salmon flow in and out of Puget Sound and are a main food source for many marine animals. Pinnipeds include the harbor seal, the Steller Sea Lion, the California Sea Lion, and the occasional Northern Elephant Seal. Minke, Humpback, and Grey Whales also live in the waters.
So of course I then I found myself Googling "geoduck." Here is what they look like:

Pretty gross looking... Here is another snippet on how the Geoduck burrows under the sand in Puget Sound.

Thanks Maggie for the cool card!
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  1. Oh how jealous am I?! Love the card. Seattle is one of my favorite cities to visit. And I had no idea geoducks were for real, learn something new every day.

  2. That is a cool postcard that Maggie sent.

    And the geoducks look truely disgusting!!!

  3. There is a Dirty Jobs episode where he helps collect geoducks. I have never seen one before. They look nasty.

  4. Ew they are disturbing, I thought it was a picture of detached fingers to start with. ;0)

    x hel x

  5. I thought the geoducks were human fingers! Sick!

  6. Oh wow, thanks for posting this Erika! Yup, geoducks are an interesting animal we have here. And oddly enough it's not pronounced "geo" as in geocaching. It's more like gooey, like gooey cookies or something.