Monday, June 28, 2010

Tubac, Arizona

My sister is in town, so on Saturday we traveled 60 miles south to Tubac, Arizona for a little shopping. Tubac is an artsy-fartsy crafty town with a lot of history (just don't ask me what any of it is).

We rolled into town around 9am... to find pretty much every store closed. There is a "season" for Tubac and apparently it ends it May.

The Artist's Daughter

We ended up walking around to the stores that were open and eventually made our way to the ones that opened at 10 and 11 (summer hours).

The stores were cute and had a lot of stuff. Some of it was unique, some was the same store to store, and most of it was overpriced... with a few deals here and there.

OpenpotteryTin PeopleColored Walls

Did I mention 60 miles south of Tucson is only 20 miles north of the American/Mexican Border?
Border check station ahead.
Check Station


We were going to go after the one traditional cache in town, but decided against it - it was sooo hot!


  1. Sorry so many shops were closed but probably had a great time with your sister anyways!

  2. Artsy fartsy, ha ha. Flashback to Risky Business.
    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'd like to go again, but "in season". See the sign I picked out at the Artist's Daughter? lol