Friday, July 2, 2010

Bring on the RAIN.

It is now Monsoon season here in Tucson, which means rain... but we haven't gotten any...yet. Some parts of town have, but we still haven' seen a drop since May 2nd. Yes, 2 whole months. now don't get me wrong.... the sunshine is nice, but it gets down right boring after a while!

I am ready for some thunder and lightning.

We've had a lot of clouds in the sky this week.... which has made for great pictures. I grabbed these three last night.


And look - a rainbow!

Mountain Top Rainbow


  1. That first photo is amazing!

  2. Wow, fantastic pictures. Hope you get some rain soon.

  3. oh, we're finally getting rain in tx this week. i get sick of the HEAT and sunshine day after day so i get what you mean!

    the picture of the rainbow is beautiful.

    hope you get some rain!!! :)

  4. it is so beautiful - merci

  5. stunning photos!

    but 3 months without rain???? this English girl is quaking at the thought, we might complain about our rain but I wouldn't want to be without it for that long!