Sunday, July 11, 2010

Caching at Sunrise

I slept in Saturday. Wayyy in. I didn't wake up until 2:30pm. Hehe. Now it's 9am on Sunday, and I still haven't gone to bed. The plan is to stay up until noon, take a 3 hr nap and then go babysit and hopefully be home and in bed around 10pm. It's my attempt to get back on a regular schedule.

So... Since I was wide awake when the sun was coming up, I decided to take advantage of the somewhat cool temperature and go geocaching!

I caught a nice shot at sunrise - on the way to the caches. (5:45am)



I found 4 caches... getting closer to 400!

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  1. Early morning caching can be some of the best. Fewer muggles, cooler weather and beautiful lighting.

  2. I love the sunrise picture! I haven't done a geo-cache for a while. I must get on that! ;0)

    x hel x

  3. Beautiful!! How fun to be up at sunrise at a time like that.

  4. I have never cached at Sunrise before. I am never up that early. Or late in your case. Great pictures.

  5. lovely photo, hope you have got your sleeping patterns back into shape :)

  6. Is that a fake pile of poo cache? ewwww