Saturday, August 7, 2010

C25k - Week 2 Report

  • 5 min Brisk warm up walk
  • Alternate 90 seconds of running followed by 2 minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.
  • 5 min. cool down
Day 1
1.85 mi / 00:30 - 16:12 pace
I gave myself an extra day of rest before this workout. I've been having killer shin splints. They hurt a little in the beginning of my run, and a little near the end. Overall I just tried not to push the running too hard/fast - I just ran.

I iced the shins immediately when I got home from the gym and that seemed to help a lot. I got side cramps at about 10 min. and again around 20... kept going though and they went away rather quickly.

Day 2
1.85 mi / 00:30 - 16:12 pace
Managed the same pace as my day 1 workout. Went into my workout with a more than usual positive attitude... Only got a cramp in my side once this time, around 17 min.

The shins hurt so bad after the workout, just stepping of the treadmill hurt. Stretched well, went for a swim, ibuprofen up and iced again. Like I said before - the icing and Ibuprofen soon after seems to really help - I really notice the difference the next day.

Day 3
1.86 mi / 00:30 - 16:07 pace
The workout went great. It's amazing how fast 30 min. blows by, but how long 90 seconds feels when you are watching the clock.

Random Thoughts
I think this is the longest anything I've ever stayed on! Yippeeeee! Now.... If I could just start eating right, I'd probably start loosing some weight...

I'm a little worried how running on the treadmill will compare to running on pavement. I'm sure the pavement running will be a little tougher.... but its still too damn hot out to figure that one out .... Oh how I dream of winter weather!


  1. Way to stay on track - that's the hardest part. I stopped running for a few week's in June because life just got in the way. I'm trying harder to stay motivated.

  2. i so prefer running outside to running on a treadmill. the treadmill is so monotonous. but DO be careful regarding those shin splints.

  3. I find running on a treadmill harder. But that is just me.