Monday, August 2, 2010

Status: Postcrossing Sunday

Just wanted to let you know that I'm taking a little break from postcrossing. I will still do the occasional private swap or RR. When I get back into it I'll start posting again.... Just trying to keep my self on a "budget" after a couple vacations ;-D

Keep your eye out for a postcard giveaways though (Sunday would be a good day to look for this)!! I have billion cards sitting here and a couple fun ones to give away :-)



  1. It is an expensive-ish hobby. Stamps aren't cheap.

  2. just discovered your site through daily mile! It's good to find another Tucson runner! :)

  3. Hey, Erika Jean!! you stopped by my blog yesterday (laura @ ForestWalkArt) and in one of your comments you asked about Pressed Flowers...well, this blogging and all is still kinda new, to me...i 'commented back to you' on my blog, but thought i'd contact u here at yours as the stuff, i'll follow & come back...still trying to catch up with all the comments left by people yesterday! anyway, i copied & will paste my 'comment' i left for you...see ya!! have a great day! laura =)

    ""Erika Jean...i don't know if you'll see this...but one of my 'friends' on FB...and a follower of my blog...Terica...she presses her own flowers and has a blog explaining in detail!! i have her pressed flower site/link listed on my blog under 'other places & links'. i don't (usually) press my own flowers...but Terica is an EXPERT at it!! you'll learn all you wanted to know from her!! thanks again for stopping by my blog!! ;) laura""

    TRY this LINK to her site:

  4. it definitely isn't cheap - I bought 90 stamps this morning - cost me £58 - eek! but they should keep me going for ages.

    but as with all hobbies, I always say, if it isn't fun any more then you're under no obligation. so if Postcrossing isn't rocking your boat right now, it'll be good for you to take a rest, and maybe come back to it one day in the future when it feels fresh again.

  5. Hi Erika Jean. I just got your name from Postcrossing to send a card to. I see you are taking a break from Postcrossing but I'm wondering if you'd still like to receive cards? I'm happy to send you one if you'd like :) I'm enjoying your blog by the way, it's great to read about what other folks are up to. Regards, Susan.

  6. If you got my name via, Postcrossing - then yes, I would like a postcard.