Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Caching in Safford

I found one of my favorite kinds of caches last weekend, a cemetery hide! Safford City Cemetery was really beautiful. Look at all those flowers.

AZ Cemetery

AZ Cemetery

Unfortunately the coordinates were off about 75 or so feet. It only took me a few extra minutes to find though. I kind of hate when the cache owner doesn't fix things like that after multiple logs about it!

I also got a couple caches near Eastern Arizona College. There wasn't a soul in site, just the way I like it! There was also this great little ice cream shop there.


Since there was a cache there and I was already stopped, I gave in and got a cone.

This bad boy was only 50 cents!!!!!

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  1. What an interesting contrast to the plush, green-grassed cemeteries that I'm used to seeing. And that 50 cents was well spent!

  2. :D I'm always amazed that the caches at the college don't get accidentally found, there's so many people around all the time.

    I didn't want to make a big deal out of it my log, but the coordinates for that cemetery cache being so far off really peeved me too. Especially since they lead people towards private burial plots and could result in people disturbing them while looking for the cache. I hope the owners realize that and get it fixed.

  3. The ice cream looks yummy, the cache spot ok too!

  4. i've never done the geo-caching thing...but did run into a few people that were hunting when we were on our vacation a few wks a quarry in a state pk!

    the cone looks good! what does it say on it? take-out? make-out? fake-out? stake-out?

    happy hunting! :)

  5. Looks like a good hunt! You succeeded and got ice cream too!

  6. Crap. Now I MUST have ice cream today.

  7. I am glad I am not the only one who loves cemetery caches. They are my favorite. I usually make it a point to to go to those even if I wasn't planning on stopping. A lot of cemeteries don't get the visitors they should.

  8. I have gone hiking, and love old cemeteries and cabins. I helped build a cabin, well move it and rebuild it at a museum in Cody, Wy called "old Trail Town" once but I have not tried the geo-caching thing yet. Thanks to you I did try the postcrossings and I am loving it.

    Your blog is fun.

    Dixie Goode

  9. This sounds really fun! I was thinking about getting into it a while ago, and now I'm just going to do it. :)