Monday, September 27, 2010

Water + Color = Pictures!

I played around with watercolors this weekend. I have a lot to learn, but thought I'd go ahead and share my creations.

This was painted with the help of "Watercolors for Dummies." The scale and colors are a little off, but I don't think it turned out too horrible.

Winding River

This is just a random one. The splotchy background is the result of salt sprinkled over the picture when it was still a little wet.


And this one is the result of wondering if I could paint a fall leaf. I think I did a decent job - especially since I haven't seen a leaf like this in a while (One of the downsides of living in the SW). Thank goodness there are plenty of reference pictures online... which is where I also came across the quote!

Leaf Quote


  1. Gorgeous leaf – I love autumn, it’s my favourite season

    And that salt background is ace, I’ve never got that defined a result when I’ve tried it. Maybe I’m using the wrong kind of salt (I couldn’t find rock salt so used dishwasher salts instead :) )

  2. You've got the talent! Each piece has something that really stands alone. Just like with anything, practice & patience will make you better.

    Good job trying something new, I don't have the confidence for this project!

  3. How we miss fall on the equator. The color of the leaves are so beautiful. I think it is my favorite season.

  4. GREAT!!!! i love the way the colors blend with watercolors! i especially like the one with the rainbow sky!! keep playing with the paints!! VERY nice!!