Friday, October 15, 2010

Book Review

Title: The House Next Door
By: Anne Rivers Siddons
Pages: 352

Book Description:
Their love would never be the same.

Colquitt and Walter Kennedy enjoyed a life of lazy weekends, gathering with the neighbors on their quiet, manicured street and sipping drinks on their patios. But when construction of a beautiful new home begins in the empty lot next door, their easy friendship and relaxed get-togethers are marred by strange accidents and inexplicable happenings.

Though Colquitt's rational mind balks at the idea of a "haunted" house, she cannot ignore the tragedies associated with it. It is as if the house preys on its inhabitants' weaknesses and slowly destroys the goodness in them -- ultimately driving them to disgrace, madness and even death.

Anne Rivers Siddons transports you deep into the heart of a neighborhood torn apart by a mysterious force that threatens their friendship, their happiness and, for some, their very existence.

My thoughts:
I liked it but I didn't love it.

The book was split into three parts, each with a little surprise at the end. You had and idea of where the story was going, but certain things happened that I wasn't expecting. About 3 times I found myself re-reading a sentence or two because my thoughts were, "Wait a minute, did that really just happen?"

As for knowing the direction of the story, a lot was given away in the prologue. While it was an introduction to the book - I certainly could have done a quick high school "book report" on the story by simple reading that portion alone. The twist in the end however - a little unexpected!

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