Saturday, October 9, 2010

Garage Sale!

We had a garage sale this morning. We did pretty decent. Around $100 I think... I personally made $2.50. Not a lot I know, but not a lot of my stuff was for sale ;-)

Actually, this is not a true before shot. We sold some pillows and suitcases before I could even wake up!

Actually, this isn't a true after shot either. I ditched my mom and her husband around 11... but you get the idea. We sold stuff.

10 Cents

I think the most exciting thing was watching all the people with their trucks loaded up. Most of them were trucks/vans from Mexico.


Apparently they come buy everything here and then sell it there for more! I missed a lot of the good balancing acts becuase I didn't want the people to know I was taking a picture of them!


This was the first garage sale we've ever had. We never had one in the house I grew up in becuase as my mom puts it "There wasn't really anywhere for people to park."

Have you ever had a garage sale? Did you do well?


  1. Sold the file cabinet and lamps!

  2. Garage Sales are a lot of work, but when we lived in a more popular area, I used to have one at least once a year to clear out clutter and make a few $$. We now live in a more rural area and Garage Sales just don't work out here, unfortunately. As a result... I have a lot more clutter!! LOL

  3. wow! lots of STUFF! the problem is...if i have a yard sale to get rid of all my junk...i'll prob be right back out there the next the thrift shops...looking for MORE junk to fill in the empty spaces...

    actually...i DO need to have a yard sale...think about it often...just can't get motivated...too much work... :]

  4. Interesting photos and info about the "resalers".