Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Review

Title: A Crime in the Neighborhood
By: Suzanne Berne
Pages: 304

Book Description:
Crime in the Neighborhood centers on a headline event-- the molestation and murder of a twelve-year-old boy in a Washington, D.C., suburb. At the time of the murder, 1973, Marsha was nine years old and as an adult she still remembers that summer as a time when murder and her own family's upheaval were intertwined. Everyone, it seemed to Marsha at the time, was committing crimes. Her father deserted his family to take up with her mother's younger sister. Her teenage brother and sister were smoking and shoplifting, and her mother was "flirting" with Mr. Green, the new next-door neighbor. Even the president of the United States seemed to be a crook. But it is Marsha's own suspicions about who committed this crime that has the town up in arms and reveals what happens when fear runs wild.

My Thoughts:
Where's the story? I don't know I didn't feel like I got much out of this book. It was basically a slice of Marsha's life and really didn't go anywhere. There wasn't much of a resolution. It was just o.k. and I don't really recommend it. There are better books out there.

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