Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Flashback

I've blogged before about how we hosted exchange students while growing up... It was awesome having big brothers and sisters from the other side of the world!

My younger sister Lisa, Me and Mutsumi - Playing in the sprinkler.

Well, I came across this letter and thought it would be a good one to share. Even though it says "secret," I didn't think it had anything too personal in it ;-)

Me, Sister Sara, Mutsumi, Dad, Mike, younger sister Lisa. 4th of July Festivities.

We had 2 exchange students staying with us at the time. Mike from Switzerland and Mutsumi from Japan. We loved them both! This letter is from Mutsumi after she had gotten back home.


1992, that seems SO long ago!

More Friday Flashbacks.


  1. Have you kept in touch? Or reconnected since then?
    There was an exchange student who lived across the street from me in high school for a year. He ended up finding me on facebook recently...about 7 years later? Haha, something like that.

  2. 1992 was way too long ago for some of us.

  3. aw good ol' 1992!! :P I was living on the prairies of Saskatchewan...and there in that little hick town they started high school in gr.7. That year I went to THREE different schools...because of moves...2 elem. ones and 1 high school. it was tough, but OH SO FUN :) Nice letter, hehe. Check out my new blog sometime: "Eat To Run"...

  4. it's nice to have these memories...

    ((flashback...'92...i was living my 5th yr in FL after moving from 2 boys in grade school...had a screen printing business going...))

    ...OH! and loved that letter from Mutsumi...have you kept in touch??!!

  5. My om makes contact with some of our exchange students here and there, 3 or so of them are on Facebook! ;-)

  6. I need to start doing my snapshot Saturday on my blog again, too. I love old photos.

    You don't look too happy in this photo though!