Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Flashback

I'm pretty sure my two sisters will remember these old computer games, maybe you will too.

I remember tagging along to the computer store with my dad in hopes of talking him into buying a new game ;-)

Mixed Up Mother Goose - released 1987

Treasure Mountain - 1989


  1. ...i remember playing 'pong' on Atari...those're the oldest ones i can recall. the oldest computer game i remember playing is some kind of roll playing a dungeons and dragons...
    geeeez...sooooo long ago....ha!

  2. Even I remember the Treasure Mountain one! Games sure have changed, haven't they.

  3. I remember playing that "pong" game. After 5 minutes of that monotony, I was done with video games for good...I moved on to other types of monotony. ha ha!

  4. hahah YES! AWESOMENESS! I love treasure Mountain!

  5. About the only old computer game I remember was playing Oregon Trail in school. Otherwise, all my old video game memories are from Atari and Nintendo.

  6. I remember playing Oregon Trail in school too! The first computer my family got had a black and white version of Wheel of Fortune. The graphics were terrible!